Welcome to, the website of the Greek «N.A.P FOODIES I.K.E», headquartered in Peristeri – Athens with main objective the import, storage, representation, marketing and distribution of food.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality -imported and domestic food products- to our professional clients, always in accordance with strict specifications and affordable prices.
Cookery is a great characteristic with defines each country, is a matter of culture and tradition of its people. This is the reason why we like to explore these traditions, to taste flavors, but also to "bring together" different cultures and countries to combine tradition with innovation.
Cookery is also a feeling, it is passion. Keeping up with the cooking progress around the world, we try to include in our catalogues different and original products. This is the reason we collaborate with several foreign companies, but also with selected suppliers from Greece. We already have a wide range of products, which of course is constantly updated.
Our products are kept in appropriate storage areas depending on their temperatures (cooling - freezing), while the distribution is made daily with refrigerated trucks of the company, throughout Greece.
Our cooperating suppliers, a result of our long engaging in the area of food, are selected according to strict specifications and detailed examination.
Besides our products, we are always ready to assist our professional customers, providing advice, information, menu, pricing, recipes and anything relevant that will help them to choose according to their own needs for particular requirements and occasions.
Our final goal is our professional customers find in us the quality of the products and the best solutions so as to offer their customers respectively enjoyable eating experiences. That why ever Gourmet “cuisine” was never so affordable...
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